Houston, Texas-based alternative/metal band, Like Monroe, released their new album, Things We Think, But Never Speak (full stream below), on October 14, 2014 via eOne/Good Fight. Thus far, the recording has been getting great reviews, and with the help of their lead single, “The Hills,” Like Monroe have also been seeing great airplay, and more. Things We Think, But Never Speak was produced by Drew Fulk (Motionless In White, Upon a Burning Body) and now in this exclusive premiere, guitarist and vocalist Wade Concienne, has afforded us some track by track insight into each of the album’s songs.

01. “Roswell”
Concienne: This song is about the unknown. Aliens to be exact. It is an eerie and dark sounding track perfect for the feeling of not knowing what is out there.

02. “The Hills”
Concienne: This is about when your best friend or someone you are close to stabs you in the back. Its a painful thing to have happen so this song is about a metaphorical “war” between you and that person. If that person truly loves you, they will come around but if not, they can just “Run For The Hills”.

03. “Black Lungs”
Concienne: This song is about a person who constantly tries to make you into someone you are not. We all have those people in our life but sometimes you just need to be YOU! Do not be anything other than you because otherwise we will fall. If you are trying to be someone you are not to please another, we will continue to fall and become “a monster”.

04. “So Beautiful”
Concienne: The song goes out to all people struggling with depression and thoughts of suicide. I believe everyone has struggled with the something that makes them forget about the beauty of life. So this song is about how beautiful life can be. It is showing that there is no point in being down or ending your life when there is so much to live for.

05. “Changing Lanes”
Concienne: This song is about all the tough decisions in life people have to make. These big life decisions that an individual feels need to make but simply can’t for whatever reason. This song talks about embracing those decisions and following through with them even if they are tough. We as humans must eventually “Change Lanes” for the better.

06. “We Will all Prevail”
Concienne: This is a one of my favorite tracks. It is about how every person will feel like they are stuck in a rut that they cannot get out of at some point. The point is, just hang on because eventually we all will prevail. We have ups and down in life, just know that around the corner we will soon hit that Up and probably be better off than we were on the previous up.

07. “Prison Flood”
Concienne: This song is about a life struggle I have dealt with first hand and still am fighting to this day. I believe it can relate to all people who have dealt with the issue of anxiety attacks and depression. I started having constant anxiety and depression for no reason at all six years ago, this felt like I was in a “Prison”. So this song is about my story and how I have grown to deal with this struggle. I want to spread this message to anyone who struggles with this and tell them it will get better and you will get through it just have patience and continue to fight through it.

08. “Circle The Drain”
Concienne: Is about recognizing and realizing the truth. Whether its the truth about yourself or the truth about everything going on around you. It is about the intrinsic battle with religion and morale. Its all about realizing that you get lost in everyone else and get do as much selfless acts as possible then you will realize the true meaning of life. Its all about Fuck ME and what can I do for you.

09. “Crows Nest”
Concienne: Is about that moment in everyone’s life when they have maybe drank too much or took too much of what ever and they are just on the edge of life and death and how it can be so scary yet so peaceful at the same time.

10. “The Enemy”
Concienne: This song is about any person who has a strong dislike for another person. What better way to let your aggression out than to scream along to this song we call “The Enemy”. It is an in your face and aggressive track that talks about nothing other than your enemy.

11. “Strange Lips”
Concienne: It’s a song written from the view of a guy in rehab once again finally losing everything. His girlfriend is leaving him after they just had a miscarriage. He vows never to let her control him and his emotions again and realizes the moment that they both knew it was over was when they were both unfaithful, yet they still kept forcing to try to make it work when they both knew it never would.


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