Iron Reagan is “the other band” of Muncipal Waste frontman Tony Foresta so, if you’ve been lucky enough to catch his main band live, you’ll know exactly how simple, straightforward and fun that band is. The premise is the same with Iron Reagan; yes the lyrics may be more message-driven, but they are backed up by sub-two minute bursts of glorious skater-hardcore-crossover-thrash fun.

With 24 tracks filling this half hour listen, Iron Reagan have no intention of messing about. Straight to the point tracks like “Eyeball Gore,” “Miserable Failure” and “Rat Shit,” well, basically every fucking track on the record, sees the band batter your ears with a loose-sounding, raucous blast of crossover thrash. Honestly, trying to sell this album to you is pointless because if you own any album by S.O.D., Municipal Waste, Gangreen, Suicidal Tendancies or the Cro-Mags from the last twenty five years, then Tyranny Of Will is going to be right up your street. Of course it’s not a brain-tester by any means, it’s just a bunch of mates smashing out some great crossover hardcore thrash that will appeal to everyone from skater kids to hardcore pit scrappers.

With little in the way of variety, but plenty in the way of moshing, slamming madness, once you’ve listened to this album you will have Iron Reagan high up on your list of bands to see live. Tyranny Of Will is a fun, frantic, thirty minute of crossover. Don’t expect the earth from it, but do expect a really enjoyable, messy listen.

Track Listing:

01. Tyranny Of Will
02. I Won’t Go
03. Eyeball Gore
04. Close To Toast
05. Bet On Black
06. Miserable Failure
07. The Living Skull
08. In Greed We Trust
09. Glocking Out
10. Rat Shit
11. U Lock The Bike Cop
12. Broken Bottles
13. Bleeding Frenzy
14. Bored To Death
15. Class Holes
16. Obsolete Man
17. Nameless
18. Exit The Game
19. Your Kid’s An Asshole
20. Patriotic Shock
21. Bill Of Fights
22. Consensual Harassment
23. Just Say Go
24. Four More Years

Run Time: 33:04
Release Date: August 26, 2014

Check out the song “Miserable Failure”

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