An album is a collection of songs. I’ve listened to a lot of albums and even more songs, many of which fall into a collective noise I will never revisit, mainly because I’d usually prefer to listen to something new, or because… not even worth finishing this sentence.

Fit For A King’s new release, Slave To Nothing, made me wonder what it feels like to be a band and hear Fit For A King’s new album. It must be so demoralizing. I stopped listening to this album several hours ago, and my ears are still ringing. Like a crack addict, I can’t stop scratching my skin, and I have a strong craving for more crack, cracking being a metaphor for this album. I don’t actually want more crack. Doing crack involves a lot of commitment, commitment I simply don’t have. After contemplating the anatomy of this release, I think I’ve begun to Sherlock why it is that Slave To Nothing is better than coitus of any variety or satisfaction. Here’s a hint: there’s little to no cuddling involved.

Slave To Nothing sees a slight return to progressive ’70s rock song-writing in terms of song structure. There are no shortages of riffs or musical themes over the course of these songs. I have a hard time using the term “verse” to describe how the choruses are tied together because, more often than not, what typically would be “verse 2” is substantially different, if not completely unrecognizable, from “verse 1.” Transitions from one theme to another are just despicable, just real horrific reminders that other material that I’ve listened to was a complete waste of time. Way to just… pbbbbt on everyone, FFAK (sound out the acronym for this band and you’ll smile). But, seriously I’m glad you did. It’s about time.

Slave To Nothing holds an interesting combination of the rhythmic metalcore that’s prevalent today along with some tremendously melodic movement, characterized by hooky clean vocals, harmonious chord progressions, and ethereal lead guitar yet still primarily minor-themed riffs. Unlike a lot of metal, it’s not that dissonant, even though it still comes across as substantially heavy, but it’s the kind of heavy where you can stand and watch the band from the soundbooth whilst sipping your favorite domestic beer out of a clear plastic cup, or rouse up your nearby audience members and circle pit for a few moments until the really pretty part of the song where you stand and watch with your mouth gapping open, oh wait, mosh time again. Song’s over. You missed it, and you’re all wet for some reason. But, it was awesome!

Track Listing:

01. Kill The Pain
02. Young & Undeserving
03. Slave To Nothing
04. Break Away
05. Hooked
06. Selfish Eyes
07. A Greater Sense Of Self
08. Forever Unbroken
09. Impostor
10. Cleanse My Soul
11. The Final Thoughts Of A Dying Man

Run Time: 41:25
Release Date: October 14, 2014

Check out the song “Kill The Pain”