With a brand new album, death metal supergroup These Are They are once again unleashing their ferocious sound. At the Feast of Seven Funerals is based on Lucius Mortimer, a hell-bent 1800’s gun-wielding killer who celebrates death and revels in greed.

If the album’s concept alone gets you riled up, brace yourself for the recently released single “Steeple of Blood.” This rapid fire track is five minutes of pure aggression that will make you bang your head and attempt to incite a mosh pit wherever you may be, just to throw down. It is heavy, dirty, technical and even flashes the band’s skills as musicians and cohesive songwriters.

If “Steeple of Blood” is any indication, At the Feast of Seven Funerals is going to be the death metal album to keep your blood boiling this Winter. With this song, These Are They yet again prove they warrant the title of “supergroup.”

Track Listing:

01. Hell Rides at Dawn
02. Palace of Sin
03. Sixth Shot For the Mortician
04. Gospel of a Bullet
05. Penelope Dies
06. Steeple of Blood
07. Feat of Seven Funerals
08. Hangman’s Knot
09. Buried Neath the Willows

Run Time: 5:07
Release Date: November 17, 2014

Check out the song “Steeple Of Blood”