The Skinny: On November 10th, the Space Rock outfit known as The Wild Beyond will release its self-titled, debut EP via Big Round Music/UltraMegaSound Records with distribution via The End Records/ADA. Today the band has posted their new track “Reflex Driver” online for your listening pleasure! Check it out below.

“‘Reflex Driver’ is a dark comedy. On the surface, it sounds like a well-tuned firework-factory explosion. On a deeper level it functions as a frought depiction of heavy metal as a vehicle for heteropatriarchal expression. Like Major “King” Kong riding his atom bomb to the ground in ‘Dr. Strangelove,’ it goes boom.” – Max Hodes, The Wild Beyond

Max Hodes, the mastermind behind The Wild Beyond, is thrilled to see the fruits of his labor finally reaching the hands of fans and music lovers around the world. Improvisation and happy musical accidents are at the heart of The Wild Beyond’s debut recording. “We’re playing rock music from a jazz head,” says Hodes. “For us, behind the prog and the heavy, it’s about being able to improvise at peak volume.”

The Wild Beyond Track Listing:

01. Fire’s Body
02. Just One Drop
03. Reflex Driver
04. Wake Up
05. Opening


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