Complex, delicate, and otherworldly — The Contortionist combines these elements to design an album unlike any other. Featuring the ethereal vocal stylings of Michael Lessard, previously of Last Chance to Reason, The Contortionist brings to the table a uniquely electrifying compilation of tracks that ebbs and flows from open to close.

Language is comprised of mathematically charged songwriting, with sophisticated drum and guitar work that boasts tones of prog pioneers Rush and heavyweights Dream Theater. Metal fans should not be fooled by the post-rock feel of the multifaceted opening track “The Source”—the album gets heavier as it proceeds. Twin tracks “Language I: Intuition” and “Language II: Conspire” bounce off each other impeccably and seem to tell a profound story through the intricate songwriting.

The song “Thrive” starts off groovy and ends thrashy. Bassist Jordan Eberhardt goes to town on this track and jives all too well with the eerie synth. Towards the end, the song incorporates thunderous riffing proving that you never really know what to expect from this group.

Language finishes off with “The Parable” which is, in my humble opinion, the epitome of the album. It fuses together soothing synth with impressive guitar work, featuring a screaming solo and mathematical riffage. On top of all these elements of musical ingenuity, Lessard earns his stripes showing off his vast vocal range.

Language is without a doubt The Contortionist’s most comprehensive and refined work yet. This album should be enjoyed in one sitting to allow the listener to take in and appreciate all of the work’s elaborate beauty.

Language Track Listing:

01. The Source
02. Language I: Intuition
03. Language II: Conspire
04. Integration
05. Thrive
06. Primordial Sound
07. Arise
08. Ebb & Flow
09. The Parable

Run Time: 49:15
Release Date: September 16, 2014

Check out the song “Language I: Intuition”