NecroWretch has released their new 7″, Even Death May Die! Head over to CM Distro to get your hands on this vinyl-only release on black or limited gold wax. For a preview of Even Death May Die, be sure to check out the title track just above. It’s streaming via SoundCloud and is bad-ass!

After the release of various demos and an EP (all to be found on the compilation Bestial Rites), NecroWretch put out their debut album, Putrid Death Sorcery, in early 2013 via Century Media Records. This album was justly considered one of the most bestial death metal releases of recent years. Now NecroWretch has finished recording their second opus of blasphemy, With Serpents Scourge, which is planned to be released in February 2015. Check out the new track online or get the 7″ (that also includes a ferocious cover version of the sinister Slayer classic “Black Magic”) to get an idea of what’s to come.

Even Death May Die Track Listing:

Side 1: Even Death May Die
Side 2: Black Magic (Slayer cover version)


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