After Hellion played the Whisky on October 2nd, any preconceived belief that the band’s golden era was set back sometime in the ’80s has been dispelled. Hellion’s performance that night, on its Los Angeles home turf, was spellbinding.

Singer Ann Boleyn and her band worked their hometown audience into a fist-pumping frenzy as they played old favorites as well as new songs from the Karma’s a Bitch EP. Joined by Simon Wright (AC/DC, Dio) on drums, Maxxxwell Carlisle on lead guitar, Scott Warren (Dio, Type O Negative) on keyboards, Georg Dolivo (Rhino Bucket) on rhythm guitar and backing vocals, and Greg Smith (Ted Nugent, Alice Cooper) on bass, Boleyn sang with a good dose of piss and vinegar throughout the set. It seemed as if she met every set of eyes in the crowd with a smile.

Hellion is back!

While many fans have embraced the reformation of Hellion, there are those who have yet to hear the power and musical brilliance of the band. The To Hellion and Back anthology, released last April, along with several live shows, has helped to stoke renewed interest. Karma’s a Bitch unveils all-new, original Hellion songs that will rival any hard rock/metal album released this year.

Check out the song “Karma’s a Bitch”