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This may come as a complete shock to you, but indie rock band The Female Fiends are actually four dudes (last we checked). This Kent, Washington band comes to you with loud, fuzzed out guitars and dreamy sounding songs that may make you want to fall asleep or curl up and cuddle someone. In fact, The Female Fiends are often referred to as “cuddle rockers” by their fans, a genre we can’t imagine becoming too mainstream, but weirder things have happened… Originating in 2011, the band has sometimes been compared to well-known indie rockers such as Modest Mouse, Built To Spill and Minus The Bear.

All coming out of the same high school, the guys started out as a jam band before coining their quirky name and recording their first demo. Their first EP Youthless followed about a year later which was worked on along with producer Leif Anderson of the rock band Vendetta Red. A lot of touring followed along with a semi-final showing at Seattle’s EMP “Sound Off! 2013.” “Too Shy To Live” comes from the band’s new EP of the same name, released earlier this year. So please, go ahead and don’t be too shy to give this awesome track a download.