Survival, the forthcoming release from the Toronto-based band Teethmarks, is a downright filthy, fuzzy slab of rock. The distorted, feedback-soaked intro of disc opener, “Sea Of Violence” gives way to a ballsy, riff-driven affair that slaps you in the head forcing you to take notice for the remainder of the album.

Mixing up ’70s sludge with a dose of hardcore punk, and harsh, punishing vocals that straddle the line between death metal and black metal, this is one of those releases that sort of avoids categorization. Sometimes it is thrashy, like in the tune “Psychic Youth,” while at others, as with “Absentee,” it is harsh, dark and more in the vein of a black metal record.

This disc runs the gamut of influences, but the one thing the songs all have in common is the riff, and let me tell you these guys have got the riffs dialed in; they are massive, monstrous and, catchy as shit. Survival is a fuzzy rock/metal disc that is not going to be everyone’s cup of tea, but if you have a preference for intense, boundary-pushing music, than I suggest you check this one out!

Track Listing:

01. Sea Of Violence
02. Times Infinity
03. Gold Chain
04. Flower Child
05. Absentee
06. Wolves Of The Union
07. Little Weed
08. Psychic Youth
09. Drugged Up and Elated
10. Kowloon

Run Time: 39:11
Release Date: October 28, 2014

Check out the song “Sea Of Violence”