The Skinny: Sick Of It All have released another song from their new album Last Act of Defiance, this time for the track “Get Bronx.” Commenting on the song, the band said, “‘Get Bronx’ is a term we came up with and use amongst a group of our friends in the NYHC scene. It is used to describe the point that is passed push coming to shove, when you go all out. Musically the song is a hybrid throwback fusing some early punk type chord changes with a late ’80’s NYHC style groove. The ending clearly Black Sabbath influenced and well… Geezer rules!”

After playing a run of (festival) dates in Europe during the past summer Sick Of It All will headline the 2015 edition of the EMP Persistence Tour which will be the perfect setting to present Last Act of Defiance live. Last Act of Defiance was produced by long time friend and producer Tue Madsen who recorded the album at Nova Studio in Staten Island, NY while mixing it in his own Antfarm Studio in Denmark.