Freshly signed to Bullet Tooth, Save The Clock Tower excitedly released their debut album, Wasteland, on July 1st. Hailing from Down Under (Tasmania, Australia to be exact) and after making waves in their homeland, the 4-piece are hoping to make a bigger splash in North America. Having thus far released two EPs, Letters in 2011 and The Human Condition in 2012, the band has garnered support not only from fans, but also endorsements from Ibanez Guitars and Ernie Ball, among others.

The album? Well, it’s definitely post-hardcore. And you’re probably thinking, “oh! just want the genre needed, more bands.” But before you cast the first stone, I’d say take a listen. You can definitely make out their punk, hardcore and rock influences. Wasteland is aggressive and dare I say, fun? And, you can actually make out what they are saying! An added bonus, their lyrics are pretty awesome.

Anyone can slap an album together, but let’s face it, when you put everything you’ve got into it, it definitely shows in the final product. If you like post-hardcore and are into finding new bands, check these guys out.

Track Listing:

01. Swan’s Song
02. A Pale Horse
03. Wasteland
04. At the Bottom of a Bottle
05. Isolate; Recreate
06. To The Dreamer
07. Sanctuary
08. The Beautiful Lie
09. The Way We Were
10. These Diseases
11. Hope, Sweet Home
12. Oblivion

Run Time: 41:11
Release Date: July 1, 2014

Check out the song “These Diseases”