The Skinny: It’s been two years since indie/rock outfit Rocky Loves Emily shattered the hearts of music enthusiasts, graced the stage, and released any new music. Last week Rocky Loves Emily announced their tumultuous return to the music scene with a line up change and tease a new album. The band enlisted in good friend and bassist Johnny Hanel to replace Stephen Hull who found his passion touring as a guitar tech for the likes of Parachute and BlessTheFall.

The band has just released a new single as part of their return titled “Hypocrite.” Commenting on the single, the band said, “Hypocrite” is an anthem for those of you who have ever had a friend turn their back on you. We thought coming out with this song first would be fitting because it’s a reminder to us of who our true fans are. You guys that have stuck with us through everything are the reason we are back stronger than ever. All we need is you.” Rocky Loves Emily exploded onto the music scene in 2012 with their smash Secrets Don’t Make Friends released on Tooth & Nail Records. It was shortly after this debut that the band would make a decision of a lifetime, drop their label and sit quietly for 2 years and not release any new music. Today, the band is happy to be independently releasing their own music.