The Skinny: Following the release of two exceptional singles, New Jersey’s own doom/sludge/hardcore trio Pharaoh will release their long awaited full-length debut, Negative Everything on October 31st via A389 Recordings. In anticipation of the record, the band has released the record’s first single, “The Slasher.” The crushing weight of the song and their wall of sound doom-core riffs offer a glimpse into Pharaoh’s debut, as the trio burn through different sonic elements of utterly primordial heaviness.

“This album is a schizophrenic array of heaviness. Musically and lyrically it gathers from a lot of our separate influences as a band yet each song is its own. We have definitely showcased growth and way more of what we can do as a heavy band and it probably isn’t what people will expect. That is a good thing,” comments Pharaoh’s Rich Bukowski. “Negative Everything is a eight part epic that takes form as a wall of sound, closing in and crushing you with it’s sheer sonic velocity. Huge depressing riffs, crushing beats and tortured vocals enter the vortex with no fear of the unknown. This is Negative Everything.”