I don’t know if Greek quartet Minerva Superduty are being mysterious, awkward or lazy by providing next to no information on any of their social media outlets or bumph that usually accompanies a request for review. I also don’t know which I prefer either – pages of overblown PR waffle guaranteed to put you off an album before you’ve even listened to it or Minerva Superduty’s approach of forcing your hand by giving you fuck all info? Either way, it got my interest enough to head over to Bandcamp where the band are streaming their 6 track offering in full, for nothing.

So, we know where they’re from and that they’re an instrumental quartet and it’s that dreaded mention of the word instrumental that will probably put 90% of you off listening to this. You see, rock fans who buy/download/stream their music generally want it instantly these days, leaving a reasonably small niche market for bands like Minerva Superduty who play intricate, heavy, powerful music that you can tell has had some thought behind it. This isn’t fast-food rock music to be thrown away. This is music for you to immerse yourself in. At times it has the intricate twists of the Deftones and the heaviness of Mastodon, but it also has groove and melody and passion.

It’s just a pity then that this will probably remain something of an underground secret embraced only by their family, friends and niche fan base while, to the modern generation of rock fan, this Greek quartet and their music will remain as mysterious as their press releases.

Track Listing:

01. Sklenos Pt.1
02. Corvie
03. Gargantua
04. Sklenos Pt.2
05. Tskanos Emperor
06. Ω3

Run Time: 23:51
Release Date: March 06, 2014

Check out the song “Ω3”


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