Ch-ch-ch-changes! Sometimes things aren’t what they seem, and a lot of the time that sucks, but New Found Glory isn’t letting the recent departure of a founding band member, and the circumstances surrounding the departure get to them. It’s all about rising above, a message that shows on their upcoming album, Resurrection, dropping October 7, 2014. Jordan Pundik acknowledges that the message on this album is different from previous album saying, “I hope people can put on this record, if something shitty has been happening in their life, they can listen and feel inspired,” it’s all about rising above for New Found Glory’s eighth studio album.

Going from a five-piece to a four-piece band made for some big changes on stage and behind the scenes. “Actually, the creative process for the record was the easiest it has been in a long time,” Jordan says of what it was like working on this album as four-piece. Most of the album was hashed out over guitarist Chad Gilbert’s dining room table, when it came to studio time they “just made fun of each other, and did stupid stuff. It was probably the most fun process I’ve had in awhile.”

Check out the song “Ready and Willing”

“There’s no real explanation for it, we’re the closest and tightest we’ve ever been,” is Jordan’s pretty legitimate reason for staying a four-piece, while giving nods to bands like Pantera and Rage Against The Machine for guitar riffs that are as captivating as the vocal melodies. It was in the studio that they really tried to bring on that kind of sound for Resurrection.

Performance wise, not much has changed for New Found Glory, “it’s always been the same thing. I run around.” Whether the stage area is large or small, Jordan makes due with what he has, “it is more about what the crowd is feeling and doing.” Jordan credits the fans for New Found Glory’s high energy sets and huge stage presence.

Speaking of performances, check out New Found Glory’s upcoming tour dates (sorry Canada, no NFG for you). The Glamour Kills tour kicks off October 3rd, followed by Pop Punk’s Not Dead Tour UK. Old and new New Found Glory fans, rejoice! Lucky for everyone Jordan says they’ll be playing everything, “we want to have fun too!”

Every band that’s been around as long as New Found Glory has an album or two that member’s look back on and shake their head. For Jordan, that’s All About The Girls EP, “…so dumb,” he says, laughing. But he gets it, he gets that some of the songs he laughs at now are fan favourites, so don’t worry too much about your favourite old school New Found Glory song not being played. You KNOW they’ll play “My Friends Over You,” and that gets everyone going. You’ll probably also hear “The Story So Far,” a song that Jordan loves playing.

Alas, Jordan must get back to his busy life as a rock star, but leaves us Canadians with some lovin’. He was pumped to hear that Toronto bar, Soybomb, is still around, and pretty stoked about MFOY at 751, and New Pornographers “Use It” makes it onto all of his playlists, “I’m always listening to that song… and that album, so.” Can you feel that, Canada? It’s rare to get a Canadian tour, but goddamnit, they love us, they really love us!

Check out the song “Selfless”