Writing a review for Flyleaf’s new album, Between The Stars, was much more challenging than I expected. Being a longtime fan I found it difficult to put myself in an open frame of mind where I would not have any biases against new singer, Kristen May (originally of Vedera).

There’s no doubt that May had massive shoes to fill. Whoever was chosen to replace Flyleaf’s original singer, Lacey Mosley, would need a unique voice that captured the essence of Flyleaf. In 2013, the band released an EP, Who We Are, that featured four live tracks and one brand new song showcasing May, affording fans a first look at the group’s new direction. While the response was good, fans were left wondering how an entire new album would sound.

Between The Stars kicks off with the high energy single “Set Me On Fire”, a song that sounds similar to the “original” Flyleaf that most fans are used to. As the disc progresses two things become extremely clear: 1. Kristen May has an amazing and beautiful voice that manages to capture the essence of Flyleaf, and 2. Flyleaf has definitely evolved.

It’s true, Flyleaf has reached a new era, but this may not be a bad thing. Flyleaf needed to evolve in order to maintain their success around Kristen, and I truly believe they have succeeded in doing so. Between The Stars is a step in the right direction and I think fans will greatly enjoy the band’s new music. My favorite tracks include “Traitor,” “Set Me on Fire,” “Thread,” and “Marionette”. Enjoy!

Track Listing:

01. Set Me On Fire
02. Magnetic
03. Traitor
04. Platonic
05. Head Underwater
06. Sober Serenade
07. Thread
08. Marionette
09. Well Of Lies
10. City Kids
11. Blue Roses
12. Home

Run Time: 42:00
Release Date: September 16, 2014

Check out the song “Set Me On Fire”