I was promised some banging heavy metal and that is precisely what I got on the new album from Canadian epic power metallers, Crimson Shadows. Right from the booming introduction, “March To Victory,” this album is for those who like their heavy metal to be traditional, and by that I mean songs about big, epic battles played by beered-up blokes who like their metal loud and fast and their steel dripping with the blood of their foe!

So, Crimson Shadows. Imagine Dragonforce without all the poncing about. Imagine straight balls-out heavy metal and you’ve pretty much got it covered. The album Kings Among Men is, to put it simply, absolutely glorious. Yes, it’s over the top, but that’s how traditional metal should be. Come on, with songs like “A Gathering Of Kings” and “Freedom And Salvation,” this album is everything you want heavy metal to be. Think Amon Amarth meets Dragonforce – completely over the top, but beautifully epic heavy metal. Then, when you think the Canadians have reached the peak of their metallic briliiance, they pull out all the stops for album closer “Moonlit Skies and Bloody Ties”. Ten minutes of fist-pounding, magnificent, booming heavy metal just the way it should be played.

There was a time before metalcore and deathcore when you listened to heavy metal and it took you on journey into a fantasy world of epic, bloody battles. Sadly that era is now cast aside by the “yoof” in favour of breakdowns and shit haircuts which is a pity because, while Crimson Shadows may not sound fashionable, as far as flawlessly executed heavy music played by men singing about Kings, battles, and days of old goes, these Canadians are one of the best!

Track Listing:

01. March Of Shadows
02. Rise To Power
03. Heroes Among Us
04. A Gathering Of Kings
05. Maidens Call
06. Braving The Storm
07. On The Eve Of Battle
08. Freedom And Salvation
09. Dawn Of Vengeance
10. Moonlit Skies And Bloody Ties

Run Time: 47:01
Release Date: September 1, 2014

Check out the song “Rise To Power”


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