If a band chooses to write a song exceeding five minutes in length, not only should it immediately catch the listener’s attention, but also hold it there. Unfortunately for With Our Arms To The Sun, their technical writing skills and musicianship can feel repetitive and the track “Tessellation” (taken from A Far Away Wonder, out September 23, 2014) loses the listener in the first two minutes.

If anyone in our ADHD-ridden society happens to possess the attention span to continue listening to the entire seven and a half minute long journey, it does get better. There are cool tribal chants and samples peppered in, and a pretty gnarly guitar solo towards the end. While it is clear that With Our Arms To The Sun are incredibly talented musicians, I wish this track had kicked off with more of a bang.

Run Time: 7:44
Release Date: September 24, 2014

Check out the song “Tessellation”