Last Best Places is the newest release from the Canadian indie folk/rock act, The Auditor General. I was not familiar with the band when I sat down to listen and, while this is not my typical musical fare, I have to say that the top-notch musicianship combined with the fresh, innovative song-writing made for a really pleasurable listen.

The songs pretty much run the gamut of emotion; at times they are powerful while at others they convey an almost melancholy mood. No matter the song’s mood though, this record is loaded with melodies that will have you humming along in no time at all. Sure there might be a lot going on in these songs, but even with the many different layers at work, no part feels unnatural or arbitrarily thrown in. The album as a whole works well and it invites the listener to sit back, contemplate and draw their own meaning from the work.

All in all I found Last Best Places to be not only a terrific listen, but also a perfect diversion from my normal aural diet.

Track Listing:

01. Good Luck With That
02. Last Best Places Don’t Fall (In Love with Me)
03. Funeral Plans
04. Crisis In Quarter-Life
05. The Party’s Over
06. Tick On a Lonely, Gracious Host
07. Firm Grasp At Arms Length
08. Which Part OF This Was A Good Idea
09. Zombie Song
10. Four Years Later
11. Eggs On Leggs

Run Time: 54:15
Release Date: July 18, 2014

Check out the song “The Party’s Over”