Swashbuckle takes the anger, style and no-fucks-given attitude of pirates and channels it into thrashy, fast and rambunctious metal—a perfect match made in the watery depths of hell. These bandits just released a quick and dirty EP that is full of the drunken debauchery and maritime madness that makes Swashbuckle so special.

We Hate The Sea EP is just under 7 minutes of exactly what you hope to hear when the term “Pirate Metal” is thrown around. Taking the essence of thrash and adding in some rather technical riffing makes these pirates a force to be reckoned with.

If you are under the impression that Swashbuckle is nothing but a gimmick, the track “We Hate The Sea (And Everything In It)” will prove you wrong and leave you amped. Their ability to write sinfully-good, catchy metal extends beyond their nautical getup. This EP certainly legitimized Swashbuckle for me. So strap on your boots, grab a bottle of rum and prepare to walk the plank because this EP is going to send you overboard!

Track Listing:

01. Beer Goggles
02. I Hate the Sea (and Everything In It)
03. Poopdeck Toilet Wreck
04. Slaughter Upon International Waters

Run Time: 6:54
Release Date: August 12, 2014

Check out the EP ‘We Hate The Sea’