The Skinny: Canadian pop punk band Gob has announced their sixth studio album, Apt. 13, which will be released August 26th on New Damage Records. Apt. 13 is the band’s first full-length album release in seven years, returning after their 2007 album, Muertos Vivos. A full track listing can be seen below.

Entirely self-produced, Apt. 13 features 10 catchy, upbeat tracks that demand repeated listening. “We’d made a lot of records and learned a lot over the years,” vocalist and guitarist Tom Thacker explains. “We know exactly how we want our songs to come off, and it keeps the Gobness of it all really unadulterated and pure.”

Ripe with Gob’s now-signature energetic, guitar-driven take on punk rock, Apt. 13 finds the band picking up right where they left off with Muertos Vivos; however, the new album leans less towards the straight-up pop influence of earlier albums and instead puts focus on a fuller, more layered rock sound that includes sonic elements from the past.

Apt. 13 Track Listing:

01. Apt. 13
02. Radio Hell
03. Same As It Ever Was
04. Cold
05. Walking Alone
06. New York
07. Terpsichore
08. NIL
09. Standing There
10. Call For Tradition

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