Hey guys! Last time we left off we were in Ft. Meyers filming for Music Mix USA. It was a really cool experience. Look out for our segment coming soon! We’ll be posting to let everyone know when it comes out. The best thing about touring Florida, for me, is getting to stay with my family! After we left Ft. Meyers we drove up to stay at my parents house. We got to relax, hang by the pool, go to the beach, and get some nice home cooked meals for a few days. That’s very rare on the road. We had also been awaiting the release of “Invisible Tonight”, and it was awesome to be able to spend the release day with my family! We spent the whole day on Twitter, Facebook, emailing and texting everyone we knew to go out and buy the new album! We were lucky enough to also be featured on iTunes and the MSN listening booth on release day. We were so happy and relieved that the record was FINALLY out! Kevin and I posted a fun video on our YouTube page to celebrate. After all that hard work, it was time to have some FUN! We hung out by the pool the rest of the day.

The next day we drove all the way up to Atlanta. After saying our goodbyes to family, we loaded up and hit the road again. I was meeting up with Derek from a clothing company called Dirty Shirty the next day to do a photo shoot! They had reached out to me a couple weeks ago about rocking some of their tees, and I couldn’t pass it up! One look through the shirts on their site, and I was convinced it was a perfect match. So, after a night in a hotel, the dudes and I got up early and went down to Little 5 Points in Atlanta so I could be girly for a day! Little 5 Points is basically this really awesome area of Atlanta that’s really hip and cool, with tons of record stores and thrift stores, and street art everywhere. It was the perfect backdrop for a punk-rock photo shoot. I had a ton of fun, and I loved all the shirts I got to wear and keep! I recommend everyone check them out at www.dirtyshirty.com! I’m literally wearing one of their shirts, ‘Diamond N The Rough’, right now!

After that we reunited with Rivers Monroe for our show in nearby Cumming, GA. Yes, we made several jokes about the name. We played at His Rock Music, which is basically a little record store with a stage…that’s in a storage unit. I have been to enough punk warehouse shows to know that by the looks of this place it was going to be an EPIC show. I LOVE places like that. We played with some really solid bands, and we got to meet one of our biggest Twitter fans, Izzy! It’s always a little surreal when people get so excited to meet us. To me, we’re just a bunch of regular people making music, but it also means SO much to us meeting the kids that truly care about us, believe in us, and support us! We had a blast at that show.

The next day meant a LONG drive to New Orleans. We drove most of the way overnight. I absolutely LOVE New Orleans, and everyone was really excited to get there. A long time friend of mine, Alex, a.k.a. Bear, had just opened up his own tattoo shop, Sailors Cross Tattoo and Gallery, and he set up a BBQ acoustic show for us that afternoon. It was really laid back, and a really cool spot to shoot some acoustic videos and just relax for an afternoon. Alex is a super talented artist, and I couldn’t resist letting him give me a tiny anchor tattoo! I love getting little mementos of the travels we go on, and this seemed like the perfect occasion. My record had just come out, and he had just opened up shop. We knew each other back the day in Tampa when I was crashing on his couch and we barely had beer money. It’s awesome to me that now we are both lucky enough to be to pursuing our passions. That night was our last night of tour with Rivers Monroe! We played the BEATnik, and it was so much fun. I even fell on my ass onstage and flashed the whole audience! It’s the first time I’ve ever just rocked too hard and fell backwards. I was so embarrassed but laughed it off. I STILL have a huge bruise from it. Good times.

We all said our goodbyes, then we got up the next day and hit the road back to Nashville. Our record release show was on Sunday June 29th at Exit/In in Nashville. It’s seriously one of the coolest venues in town. They always treat us well and we had an awesome time. Sunday is the night that the local rock station, 102.9 The Buzz, does their local buzz live concerts. The Buzz have been huge TND supporters for years, and we are so grateful for all the love they give us on the air! Not only was this a big record release show, it was also the first show we had played in Nashville since we opened up for our friends in Halestorm back in March! So we had a TON of people come out. Everyone wanted to ask about the last few tours, because we hadn’t really been in town since then! It was awesome seeing all the familiar faces and getting to share the new record with them. Since it had already been released a few days prior, people were already singing along to the new songs!

That night was so hectic…since I’m also ‘merch-girl’, I had to sit in the back and try to multitask, taking photos, signing autographs, talking to fans, AND keeping track of all the sales. It’s hard work, but I don’t mind. It’s an amazing feeling to finally have the record out and have everyone coming up and congratulating us on it. Without our super-fans, we would be nothing. So I had to be literally pulled away from the merch table in order to go out back on the patio and do our live on-air interview for The Buzz! It was one of our most hilarious interviews to date. We had a blast, which is easy to do, because the crew at the Local Buzz Live is amazing.

So now we are taking a little break so we can focus on fulfilling the rest of our Kickstarter packages and getting the word out about “Invisible Tonight’. We have the most amazing, supportive fans in the whole world, and we thank everyone who’s ever come out to see us on tour, bought the new record, shared our videos from YouTube, or told their friends about us. We love what we do and we are so lucky to be able to continue to tour and make music! See you on the road!

Check out the song “Brave”


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