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Summertime seems like a pretty appropriate name for a skate-punk band, don’t cha think? Summertime was formed in the Summer (coincidence?) of 2009 by four musicians from Budapest, Hungary. The intention was to expand the skate-punk genre by incorporating catchy melodies and guitar solos into the songs. Summertime may be a Hungarian band, but they write all of their lyrics in English and have already had some impressive media exposure, especially after finishing in second place in the music video contest of the Hungarian version of X-Factor. They’ve also managed to play at the Sziget last year and the year before which just happens to be one of the largest music festivals in all of Central Europe.

Summertime’s first release was the 2011 EP Way to Abroad, followed by their first album You, A Guy? in 2012. The same year they released the Game Over EP, but some reshuffling within the band occurred with the departure of two members. Enter 2014 and Summertime have unleashed their latest EP titled Walk Another Way. It features four new original songs along with two new re-recorded versions of previously released songs. The band’s next step is to make a new video for one of the new tracks on Walk Another Way and hopefully tour as much as possible.