For more than 30 years the New Jersey thrash titans, Overkill, have built a rabid underground following by consistently cranking out their own unique brand of groove-laced thrash metal. Their upcoming 17th release, White Devil Armory, carries on that tradition in a big way. After a brief intro (“XDM”) the band is off and running with “Armorist,” a lightening fast, hardcore-tinged song that kicks you right in the teeth and sets the pace for the rest of the record.

As with every Overkill album, energy, speed and bone-crushing riffs are the name off the game and they are plentiful here on White Devil Armory. Vocalist Bobby “Blitz” Ellsworth sounds incredible; it is amazing to me that after all these years he can still pull off his signature shriek and command a mic the way he does. “PIG” and “Down To The Bone” are my two personal favorites, but in all honesty there is not a bad track on here; they are all solid, banging tunes.

I have been a fan of the band from the beginning, and at the risk of dating myself, will tell you that I used to go see them play live when they were cutting their teeth at the infamous Brooklyn metal mecca, Lamour, and if I am being honest, this is one of the better albums of their entire career. White Devil Armory is about as solid a record as you can get with a production that also is quite stellar. I am sure fellow neck-wreckers are going to totally dig this disc, and for those new to the Overkill camp, this is a perfect introduction.

Track Listing:

01. XDM
02. Armorist
03. Down To The Bone
04. PIG
05. Bitter Pill
06. Where There’s Smoke
07. Freedom Rings
08. Another Day To Die
09. King Of The Rat Bastards
10. It’s All Yours
11. In The Name

Run Time: 50:41
Release Date: July 22, 2014

Check out the song “Armorist”