Four-piece London alt-rockers, Heel, just dropped their new EP Stranger Just The Same, which I am personally awarding “Best Break Up Album of the Year.” That’s right lads and lassies, if you’re having a rough break up, or just a regular break up, give this album a spin, it’ll drag you out of the ice cream bucket.

Stranger Just The Same kicks off with a pop rocky tune titled “Stranger,” this one is the song that reaches into your darkness and maybe you tap your foot, maybe you shake your butt, but it’s the first song to get you out of your bad mood. Hold on tight for this one, complete with catchy chorus, and bad-ass guitar solo, before slowing down to remind you that your ex still sucks and you probably should put down the phone immediately and keep dancing.

“Gone” hits heavier, with metal influence drooling out of the guitar and drums. The vocals on this track are more intense, showcasing Margarita’s talents behind the mic. After kicking your ass out of bed, or out of that bag of cookies, Heel slows it down with “We’ll Fall Back In Love,” giving you a song to sing your heart out to, rock out a little bit, nothing crazy. It lures you in with it’s softer sounds, and has you hooked by the bridge. “Not You,” ties up the album with a heavier rock sound; Margarita brings it all for this one, flexing her vocal chords as she alternates between soft, powerful, and a scream here and there.

This album has a lot going for it; catchy pop-rock style choruses, heavier bridges, and some damn good hooks that will have you wishing for a full-length album. Margarita holds it together with her flexible vocal style, while Daniel (guitar), Yuta (bass), and Tom (drums), bring rock and pop together as if together is where they always belonged.

Track Listing:

01. Stranger
02. Gone
03. We’ll Fall Back In Love
04. Not You

Run Time: 13:01
Release Date: July 28, 2014

Check out the song “Stranger”