The Skinny: Starting out with instrumentals and ballads, Fractured Spine’s music quickly evolved into heavier death/doom metal. However, few songs were released to the public before 2012 with one notable exception being the very limited edition demo Frost in 2008. The band still draws its main influences from outside the metal genre, often from progressive rock and shoegazing.

The second full-length Memoirs Of A Shattered Mind continues where the debut album left off – atmospheric and melodic, taking elements from doom metal, progressive rock and shoegazing. Writing and recording the songs started before Songs of Slumber was released and took 14 months to complete. The album will be released August 1st 2014 by Inverse Records.

Memoirs Of A Shattered Mind Track Listing:

01. …And now You’re…
02. Dead To Me
03. This Dying Soul
04. …And Gone Was I…
05. Deprived Of Daylight
06. Clock That Ticks
07. Shallow
08. Suicide Patterns


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