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We are pleased to be offering you an exclusive download of the song “Change of Winds” from Israeli death metal band, Ferium! Ferium formed about eight years ago in jolly ol’ Israel, starting out as a metal cover band of groups like Pantera and Lamb of God. By around 2009, the five member band decided to give their own material a go and released their first EP, The New Law, which sold out of its pressing. The EP also helped Ferium win WOA Isreal and resulted in a performance at Wacken the same year.

Being a metal band in Israel isn’t necessarily a walk in the park to stardom, but Ferium has worked hard to rise above it all, and so far, have played the biggest and most important festivals, including Summer Carnage and Hallelujah. Their debut album, titled Reflections, has been three years in the making. The writing process began in 2011, before Ferium hit Boxer Studios in 2012 to record Reflections. A huge break came last year when they toured as support for The Agonist and Threat Signal.