So when it comes to music, everyone thinks they’re professional critics, like me, and a cool thing to do in the metalcore/post-hardcore scene is to put down aspiring bands, while the bands push really hard to create music and the critics jerk off to anime and take selfies of their pre-pubescent bodies that make Maury shake his head.

During the early stages of the band, Youth In Revolt fell victim to an onslaught of criticism that pertained more to the degree with which how tactfully their jeans were ripped and less about the music they created. With new management, line-up tweaks, and new single “There For You,” Youth In Revolt has surprised even the most cynical of Reddit trolls.

The key element to the single’s success revolves around the song writing. Leagues ahead of previous releases, “There For You” is driven by clean vocals and rhythmic riffs that keep the song flowing forward while still satiating the craving of breakdowns. That’s partially due to the fact that verse 2 is composed of a series of breakdowns, but the way that it’s woven back to the chorus is masterful, not to mention that chorus is catchy as banana sandwich. The acoustic break before the last chorus is a nice cross over to the poppier side of music production and makes me hopeful for world peace and the end of teen pregnancy, even though a lot of teens will probably get pregnant to this song. But you know… live and learn, amirite?

Run Time: 3:31
Release Date: June 17, 2014

Check out the song “There For You”