As a mostly-instrumental two-piece, Florida’s World’s Strongest Man uses layered, delayed and reverb-soaked guitars with driving percussion to maintain interest for their four tracks on the newest EP I’m Sorry This Scares You. They manage to avoid sounding too much like Explosions in the Sky – the dark shadow that looms over every instrumental indie rock band since 1999 – by changing rhythm quickly and constantly, pursuing each section organically before refreshing and rearranging.

Their strongest suit is the occasional reset to chugging rock song which eventually veers back off into space rock territory, guitars clanging in whorls around the snarling drum patterns. Drummer Jordan and guitarist Jared have a tight sound, with the only real oversight being the yelped spoken word sections peppered throughout the EP, which aren’t necessarily bad but are polarizing at best.

A Woody Guthrie outro, with its own brand of spoken word vocals, ties the entire release together nicely and lets the listener re-examine genre barriers while tracing how we got from folk protest singers to atmospheric post-rock.

Track Listing:

01. I. Catching Out II. The Farther We Get The Better
02. The Wye
03. I. Who I Am, Who I Was II. What Will I Become
04. I. Corrosion & Weakend Joints II. Iron In Our Blood

Run Time: 24:50
Release Date: March 12, 2014

Check out the album ‘I’m Sorry This Scares You’