Washington DC progressive metal quintet Wings Denied have been plying their trade for just over three years and with a couple of releases under their belt it does seem that they’ve morphed into something quite interesting if the soaring sounds of their new album, Mirrors For A Prince, are any sort of guideline.

While the Washington outfit do make use of the textbook metalcore style of playing/vocals throughout the album, it does have to be said that it is blended into their sound seemlessly. You see there is so much more to Wings Denied and their powerful, dramatic sound than just the same old rehashed, stop-start riffery that so many progressive bands utilize. There are the dreamy, melodies, the clean, soaring vocals, the intricate yet powerful guitars – it all combines to create a sound that will sit comfortably with fans of both ends of the progressive metal spectrum. From the edgy and, utterly brilliant “In Search Of Sunrise” to the brooding, haunting “Neant,” Mirrors For A Prince is a piece of work that contains enough moments to sit as comfortably alongside Deftones releases as it does alongside the pounding heaviness of a band like, say, Gojira.

I have to admit that I’m not the world’s biggest fan of progressive metal so didn’t expect Mirrors For A Prince to float my boat. I’m also happy to admit that I was proved completely wrong after listening to this mesmerizing collection of songs.

Track Listing:

01. Generation Y
02. The Machinist
03. In Search Of Sunrise
04. Maiden
05. Signs
06. Neant
07. Clockwork
08. The End Of History
09. Courtesan
10. Six Years And A Day

Run Time: 54:37
Release Date: May 06, 2014

Check out the song “In Search of Sunrise”


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