Waterbodies’ new single, “What the French Call ‘Les Incompétents'”, is clearly inspired by Home Alone and fuelled by old school pizza chains. The Canadian trio had the option to make Macaulay Culkin proud with a The Pizza Underground-styled song, but luckily for us, they took it in the other direction and produced a solid, modern tune that’s a must-add to your Summer playlist.

Waterbodies layer solid vocals (and lyrics) over staggering, thumping bass, badass guitar solos and shredding, plus some toe tapping drums, all of which create a song perfect for a good old zombie apocalypse. Picture this – hot, humid Summer’s eve, zombies marching as if lead by the bass, and the terrified humans running to the sound of the guitar, while the drums keep time with the beating sun.

Waterbodies packed it all into this one with solid melodies, just the right amount of distortion, thrumming bass and drums, and of course, the perfect amount of “oh-oh-ohs” for humming along to with a mouthful of pizza. Linnie McCallister would approve.

Run Time: 2:41
Release Date: June 26, 2014

Check out the song “What the French Call “Les Incompétents””