Australian progressive metal quintet, Voyager, are notorious for both creating one of a kind melodic pieces of music that are still incredibly heavy, and for being the only band I can stand to listen to who use a keytar.

This isn’t the kind of progressive metal that I am used to, the sort that only gearheads would flock towards, but it is incredibly catchy, ambient and every song seems to flow effortlessly from start to finish.

Off their upcoming album V, the song “Embrace The Limitless” stuck out to me for encompassing every element I just listed. This uplifting anthem celebrates unbounded possibility, and backs it up with catchy hooks, sweeping riffs, and a vivacious ambiance that can only be captured by perfectly placed keys. Blast this track, close your eyes and prepare to feel infinite.

Ethereal guest vocals by Zemyna Kuliukas combined with furious drumming and Daniel’s incredible voice on the epic track “A Beautiful Mistake” send chills down my spine. This track is the emotional pinnacle on V.

The powerful vibes continue throughout the entire album. The guitars and synth intertwine to create fantastic sounds that are both hard and effortlessly beautiful. All in all, V is a highly developed, refined and well thought out compilation of tracks that will please long time Voyager fans and newcomers alike.

Still need convincing? Listen to the song Breaking Down. This impressive track packs a punch, is infectiously catchy and will keep you captivated from start to finish. Voyager’s fifth studio album, V, will be available in North America on June 3 via Nightmare Records.

Track Listing:

01. Hyperventilating
02. Breaking Down
03. Beautiful Mistake
04. Fortune Favours the Blind
05. You, the Shallow
06. Embrace the Limitless
07. Orpheus
08. Domination Game
09. Peacekeeper
10. It’s a Wonder
11. The Morning Light
12. Summer Always Comes Again
13. Seasons of Age

Run Time: 55:00
Release Date: June 3, 2014

Check out the song “Hyperventilating”