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“Take Your Time” is the latest track from the Italian duo known as The Shell Collector, here as both and exclusive free download and world premiere! The duo is made up of Enrico Tiberi and Manuel Coccia, who have been working hard over the last few years towards the release of their debut, just released full-length, Medusa. The recording is a big step forward from the well-received EPs, 2 Is The Beginning Of An Army (2012) Rain Songs (2013).

The Shell Collector began in 2011 when Tiberi, under the watch of Tchad Blake (Arctic Monkeys, Pearl Jam, Paul McCartney), shut himself off from the world in his Lullaby Studio to write music. During this time, Tiberi was especially taking influences from rock and modern electronica which shaped the direction he wanted to go in which in turn led to the formation of the band. “We are heavily influenced by vintage rock, but at the same time we are constantly developing our own language so, yes, we try to carry on the beauty of the past without being nostalgic,” says Tiberi. This is partially the reason why you can hear both electronica and ’70s style guitar riffs in The Shell Collector’s music. The duo try very hard to not sound like anyone and craft their own sound which they feel they have done on Medusa.