We are psyched to be bringing you the world premiere song stream of The Harmonica Lewinskies’ new track “Sari Girl!” Whether you like the song or not, you at least got to hand it to the group for having the most original and totally hilarious band you’ve ever heard! The band is a jazz-funk octet and they are set to release their latest LP Dad Rock this September. This will be the band’s third release, filled with funky horns and big band sounds. This is a potent blend of punk, funk, big band, jazz, americana and blues signatures. Lyrically, they don’t shy away from controversial topics and often engage in giggle-worthy double entendres, tongue-in-cheek references and sexual undertones.

The members of The Harmonica Lewinskies hail New England, Texas and two-thirds of the tri-state area. Dad Rock is significant in that it marks the five year anniversary since the members started performing together. Their first album Octopus Wall Street came in 2012, followed last year by Salad Days. Could you come up with album names that hilarious? I think not. The band name may be intriguing, but the band is a serious performing powerhouse worthy of all the attention they can possibly receive.


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