When I saw Taatsi’s 2-song EP, Season of Sacrifice, in my inbox I was instantly intrigued: The album cover displaying a tree covered mountain and the description “Nature Mystical Black Metal” had me chomping at the bit to hit play and begin listening.

Hailing from Finland, Season of Sacrifice is Taatsi’s debut demo. At only 9 minutes long the recording is quite short, but in that short space the group manage to make quite an impression. This is black metal with majestic soundscapes that take the listener on a mental journey with beautiful melodies.

Limited to just 200 cassettes in green with silver print, this tape is an excellent introduction to the band and a rare addition to any collection. I look forward to hearing more from Taatsi!

Track Listing:

01. Season of Sacrifice
02. Cult of the Northstar

Run Time: 9:20
Release Date: June 16, 2014

Check out the album ‘Season of Sacrifice’