Ever since Three Days Grace’s album One X, I’ve been waiting for a radio killing, rock band. The bands that I predominately listen to have too many breakdowns (I guess?) for Clear Channel, so my hope of the rock revolution to the indie pop invasion falls on the shoulders of alternative metal, which believe it or not, was the genre label for Nickelback’s album Silver Side Up, which I still love.

Here is what Nothing More has that your band doesn’t: a super hero vocalist, incredible riffs, and a drummer who won’t stop. Singer guy has the vocal ability comparable to Miles Kennedy of Alter Bridge, which that alone made my balls drop. Besides power highs and intermittent screams, the hooks he sings are crack, in the best possible way.

Let’s talk riffages. Modern rock, for a while, got stuck playing LA rock pentatonic riffs, which, in my not so humble opinion, have become as boring as DVR-ed TV Guide. Nothing More’s riffs have evolved the rock sound to include techniques that you’ll find in non-mainstream rock, like string popping and staccato riffs reminiscent of breakdowns. The way the songs are structured also stray away from the typical copy-paste “radio rock” format, keeping your ears on your ears’ toes. Some would go so far as to call it “progressive,” but I feel those people don’t listen to progressive music, but I could be wrong. I don’t really listen to progressive either because I love hooks too much.

By the way, since we’re on the topic of non-traditional rock writing, I’m currently listening to the end of “God Went North,” and there is a choral arrangement. The amount of effort alone put into the song-writing of this album SHOULD put other “radio-rock” bands out of business. Maybe we’ll finally stop hearing round-the-clock 90s slash early 2000s on the airwaves. It’s about time, don’t cha think?

Track Listing:

01. Ocean Floor
02. This Is The Time (Ballast)
03. Christ Copyright
04. Mr. MTV
05. First Punch
06. Gyre
07. The Matthew Effect
08. I’ll Be OK
09. Here’s To The Heartache
10. If I Were
11. Friendly Fire
12. Sex & Lies
13. Surface Flames
14. Take A Bullet
15. Jenny
16. God Went North
17. Pyre

Run Time: 1:08:25
Release Date: June 24, 2014

Check out the song “This Is The Time (Ballast)”