Life In Vacuum’s sophomore album, 5, sticks with the jerky and inconsistent sound heard on Commander Clark. Sasha Chornyy, Ross Chornyy, and Dylan Bravener refuse to be defined by one sound. Each song rolls from intense riffs, bass lines, and smashing drums to softer riffs and back again. It’s hard to figure out where you are in the album; when you think you know, it all gets kicked out and flipped upside down.

While not much is new from their first album, 5 shows how much Life In Vacuum has matured as a band, with heavier songs like “You Did It To Yourself,” opening the album, and experimenting with softer riffs and vocals for brief periods in “I Don’t Fit,” and “Seven.” It takes a tight group of musicians to do what these guys do; jumping from punk to hardcore riffs and drum lines with equally complicated vocals. You won’t regret giving this Waterloo, ON band a listen, each song has something for everyone who can dig complicated rock.

Track Listing:

01. You Did It To Yourself
02. The Edge of Boredom
03. I Don’t Fit
04. 1984
05. Never Be The Same
06. Seven
07. Dead
08. Van Life
09. Passenger Mr
10. Smartslave

Run Time: 30:43
Release Date: February 4, 2014

Check out the song “You Did It To Yourself”