In my youth I remember wearing an Eyehategod t-shirt to college to piss off the tutors. It worked. I hadn’t heard actual Eyehategod at the time but, being an impressionable teenager, I liked the name. Years later, and early on into my venture into music journalism, I found myself sat in the Camden Underworld in London, England. It’s a delightfully shitty venue which, at the time, smelled of piss, sweat and blood. I was watching a train wreck of a band called Eyehategod. It was brilliantly chaotic and, in 2014, I find myself getting the same feelings listening to their new album.

Their first album since the tragic death of drummer Joe Lacaze in 2013, this self-titled affair is as beautifully chaotic and unhinged a tribute as they could pay to the late drummer. Released through Century Media/Housecore (the label run by Phil Anselmo), the eleven track album veers out of control from the punk snarl of opener “Agitation! Propaganda!” to the downright droning maul of “Parish Motel Sickness” to the screeching, trashy groan of “Worthless Rescue.” Taking a sound which saw the New Orleans mates shake up the dirge of Black Sabbath with the piss-soaked punk of Black Flag, the seven minutes of “Flags And Cities Bound” perfectly encapsulates this blueprint which many bands have tried to follow but, unlike these horrible fuckers, few have ever managed to capture.

Eyehategod are an out of control juggernaut crashing through whatever life throws at them while producing some brilliant music along the way. It’s a lifestyle few can maintain and, as the last few years have shown, even Eyehategod have picked up a few battle scars. Somewhere though, Joe Lacaze will be listening to this album very fucking loudly with a big smile on his face knowing that his bandmates are still pissing off the world in his memory.

Track Listing:

01. Agitation! Propaganda!
02. Trying To Crack The Hard Dollar
03. Parish Motel Sickness
04. Quitter’s Offensive
05. Nobody Told Me
06. Worthless Rescue
07. Framed To The Wall
08. Robitussin And Rejection
09. Flags And Cities Bound
10. Medicine Noose
11. The Age Of Boot Camp

Run Time: 43:19
Release Date: May 26, 2014

Check out the song “Agitation! Propaganda!”


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