Anathema is certain to take any music fan who gives them a chance on a spiraling, emotional roller coaster with the title track off of their upcoming album, Distant Satellites.

To put it simply, “Distant Satellites” is a beautifully developed piece of music that radiates with passion, proclaims “I’m alive”, and proves it. The electronically charged track is elegant yet complex, as keen listeners will notice and surely appreciate. Though the band has yet to be embraced by the popular rock world, this 8 minute song is nothing short of epic and has a highly sophisticated air about it that is sure to secure their place in the mainstream.

Grab some tissues and prepare to feel alive, Distant Satellites will be available on June 10th, via Kscope.

Run Time: 8:18
Release Date: June 10, 2014

Check out the song “Distant Satellites”