Time Travelers & Bonfires, the latest release from hard rocking heavyweights Sevendust, contains six new songs and six re-worked, classic Sevendust tracks. Of the things I like most about the band is how heavy and aggressive many of their songs are and I was definitely wondering if songs like “Karma,” “Denial,” and “Crucified” would successfully translate into the acoustic realm.

This has long been one of my favorite bands and I was eagerly anticipating ripping into this disc. Let me tell you then that they not only do the songs transfer well, but they’re also given a whole new life. The song structure we have come to know is still there, but with everything stripped down to bare bones, I think they breathe better, feel more emotional and in the end, connect with the listener on a much different level. I really enjoyed listening to the songs in their new light, especially “Karma,” which also happens to be one of my favorites.

The disc’s other six songs are new, written exclusively for the acoustic realm, and quite fantastic as well. I think stepping out from behind all of the distortion and heavy vocals often leaves a band exposed and in a vulnerable position, but Sevendust pulled it off in a big way. My favorite of the new is “The Wait,” a terrific song that showcases the band in a completely different light. All in all Time Travelers & Bonfires is an absolutely fantastic listen and highly praise-worthy.

Track Listing:

01. Come Down
02. Under It All
03. The Wait
04. Upbeat Sugar
05. One Life
06. Bonfire
07. Gone
08. Denial
09. Trust
10. Crucified
11. Karma
12. Black

Run Time: 50:57
Release Date: April 15, 2014

Check out the song “Come Down”