Holy crap! This self-titled EP from the Canadian 3 piece metal act, Men Without Armies, caught me totally off guard and literally left me with standing with my mouth agape. The best way to describe the music would be classic metal with a healthy dose of guitar virtuoso woven into the fabric of every song; think Steve Vai meets Avenged Sevenfold and you would be on the right track.

Back in the day every good metal song contained a guitar solo and over the years this has all but faded away. Not so with Me Without Armies! The technical shredding from band founder and Berklee School of Music graduate, Brennan Dylan, is no less than flabbergasting; it is amazing what he can make his six string do. The clean, powerful vocals and stunning production are the proverbial icing on the cake making this EP an absolutely pleasurable listen.

I cannot hype Men Without Armies enough and if you are reading this you need to go and check these guys out NOW, this is some outstanding stuff.

Track Listing:

01. Bitter Little Pill
02. Metal Realm
03. She Wears Plastic
04. The Devil’s Bride
05. The Gift
06. NYC

Run Time:
Release Date:

Check out the song “NYC”