While most people are familiar with Don Jamieson, co-host of the incredibly popular VH-1 series ‘That Metal Show’, many remain unaware that he is also an incredibly successful touring comedian – one who just released his newest disc, Hell Bent For Laughter.

As one might expect, Jamieson riffs extensively on metal bands and the heavy metal lifestyle, but there are also other non-musical related bits including some amazingly abrasive, politically incorrect yet extremely funny jabs at minority groups, gays, and people with speech impediments and missing body parts. Of course there is also quite a lot of material involving sex and my favorite bit on the disc is titled, “Lubrication, Menstruation & Masturbation.”

While Jamieson does often reference the heavy metal lifestyle, I think the jokes are universal enough to appeal even to those not familiar with the culture. Bottom line, I enjoyed listening to Hell Bent For Laughter and found myself laughing out loud on at least a few occasions.

Track Listing:

01. That Metal Show Wedding Songs
02. Diapers, Tattoos & a Missing Thumb
03. Halfor, Ozzy & Kiss
04. Motley Crue, AC/DC & My Awful Sideburns
05. A Mexican, Edward Scissorhands & a Missing Arm
06. Lubrication, Menstruation & Masturbation
07. Bad Dates, Dead Cats & Terrorist Ants
08. Guns n’ F@ckin’ Politics, Money Shots & Abortion
09. Things You’ll Never Hear Anyone Say
10. Thank You Louis CK, Trendy Stoners
11. The Liqour Store Bar, Balls & Magical Vaginas

Run Time: 41:25
Release Date: March 18, 2014

Check out the track “That Metal Show Wedding Songs”