I’m a sucker for everything Gainesville, Florida’s Dikembe touches – hell, I even liked their Mariah Carey cover – so naturally their effort on this split is a knockout in my books. “Healer of the Pride” is a mid-tempo outing revealing a song-writing maturity that eclipses much of 2012’s powerful Broad Shoulders. On this track, the catchy refrains and tempo changes allow the song to breathe and grow organically, yet the lack of frenetic energy – a Dikembe staple – is never missed and any worries of a sonic vacuum are entirely unfounded. Bring on the full-length, boys.

Inevitably, The Jazz June gets the short end of this one and their admirable emo-pop sound doesn’t quite stick like the first track. Together the blend of sounds creates a diptych that, although there are no real sonic or thematic interactions, brings together two similar groups in a unified effort. And in the end, that’s what these splits are for anyway.

Track Listing:

01. Dikembe – Healer of the Pride
02. The Jazz June – Over Underground

Run Time: 5:58
Release Date: May 27, 2014

Check out the album ‘Split’