In less than two weeks, Hail Death, the long-anticipated new studio offering from New York’s Black Anvil, will rear its gnarled head upon the masses. Motivated by angst, desolation and personal turmoil, the ten-track Hail Death is at once epic and predatory; an ambitious manifestation of sound that remains true to the band’s roots while transcending them in a way that weaves all of their seemingly antagonistic influences into an amalgam of heavy music that’s as original as it is consuming.

Following the record’s release later this month, on July 20th, 2014 Black Anvil will bring their caustic compositions to the stage of Brooklyn’s Saint Vitus Bar where they’ll perform Hail Death in its entirety! Sponsored by Noisey, the band will be joined by Psalm Zero, Fantom Warior and Yellow Eyes with additional live infiltrations to be announced in the weeks to come. As anyone who’s witnessed Black Anvil in the live setting already knows, the band’s venomous onstage sound and energy is indisputable and Hail Death manages to encapsulate that kinetic liveliness.