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That roaring, hotbed of death metal, Slovenia, has given us the gift of the five-piece band Within Destruction and in return we’re giving you the gift of a free download of their new song, “Bloodbath!” The group is specifically from the town of Jesenice and have been playing together since 2010. Their music is a combination of shredding death metal riffs, ground breaking deathcore rhythms with fast and evil black metal melodies and blast beats so basically a whole shitload of different sounds mixed into one!

Within Destruction’s first record From the Depths was written, recorded and released in 2012. After the positivity garnered from their first release, the band focused on creating newer, harder and more accomplished material for their yet-to-be-named sophomore release. Thus far, the band has played some significant shows and as a supporting act for Suicide Silence, Benighted, Belphegor and on the biggest Slovenian metal festival Metaldays.