The Skinny: Tropical Hippo. No, not your girlfriend on a tropical vacation, but actually a really cool rock band! The group is led by the jack of all tradesm Benjamin Thörnblom, who is the main singer, song writer, instrumentalist and producer for the project (I bet you wish you could do even one of those!). Thörnblom is also responsible for the overall direction of the project, though he is assisted by Magdalena Wigrund, a graphical designer and artist who has created all of the cover art, design and photography for the band Propane Propane and Tropical Hippo’s debut EP Black Star.

While your mother probably used to tell you that video games were a waste of time, Thörnblom has drawn a great inspiration from them in creating Tropical Hippo’s unique sound. Throw in some stoner and industrial rock and you got one original sound with a primary focus on rhythm, forceful energy and large atmosphere. With the release of Black Star now six years in the past, Tropical Hippo have finally dropped its first ever studio album, Potential Threat: Under Full Surveillance.

This is a concept album that tells the story of a corrupted government and a highly segregated version of Sweden and Europe with a lot of surveillance. Each track represents a person or a group and their personal feelings, struggles and views of the world they live in. Voices of the everyday people, the terrorist, the poor, the corporations and the government. Tied to the plot of the album is the fictional agency called The Swedish Safety and Control Authority. There is a very cool and interactive site tied to the SSCA that lets you check out surveillance cams, file reports and read documents ( which makes the album even more interesting. Now that you’re drooling, check out this world premiere stream of the album track “We Are The Order!”


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