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Rap/rock is alive and well as evidenced by this sick free download of the song “Have It All” from The Beginning At Last! The five-piece band formed in 2007 in, of all places, the streets of Salt Lake City, Utah – not exactly a place you’d expect to find a rap/rock band with all those Mormons walking around. As a result of their genre, there is a temptation to compare them to nu metal bands of the early 2000s like Limp Bizkit and Linkin Park, but The Beginning At Last definitely own their own sound, soul and style. You could say that they have a sound that is familiar but different at the same time.

In their time together, The Beginning At Last have opened for prominent underground bands like Tech N9ne, Hopsin, KMK, Yelawolf and even more mainstream bands like Sevendust and Soulfly. The most significant “complaint” about the group is that their live show is a better experience than their CDs and really, how many bands can you say that about nowadays? The band just released their full-length record Have It All and they’re ready to rock your fucking socks off.