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“Zoe” is a new free download by Pennsylvania’s Rasputin’s Secret Police. The musical project is a duo that brings together the talents of guitarist/vocalist Brandon Ayres and drummer Josh Phillips. The two lived on the same block while growing up in Drexel Hill, a mid-sized suburban town to the direct Southeast of Philadelphia. Josh and Brandon met very young, when they were 14 and 12 years old, respectively and have now been making music together for an amazing 13 years. Over the years, their music found itself a solid place in Philadelphia’s underground scene. After signing with small record label Wynne Records, RSP recorded the two albums Build Things and Lost Rhino. This was followed up by 2010’s Drexel Kill which helped the band to begin to really make its mark in the local Philly scene.

Comfortable is RSP’s latest release and also their most focused and accessible. Truly a DIY endeavor, the album was recorded on a Tascam 8-track digital recorder above a fishing and hunting retailer in Drexel Hill. The collection of songs captures the duo’s raw intensity as Ayres’ fervid, semi-disturbed croons ride his equally ardent guitar scrapes while Phillips’ impassioned drumming forces sweat beads to roll off your own head. The lo-fi, DIY qualities of the recordings were left intact on the final product which really helps define RSP’s original sound. “Zoe” is an ode to man’s best friend and a jab at a less than loyal ex-girlfriend, certainly something anyone can relate to.