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“Ω3” is our latest free song download and this one comes from Greek band Minerva Superduty; just don’t ask us to tell you what that means! This four-piece hails from Kalamata, a small city on the Peloponnese peninsula in Southern Greece. Unwilling to be tagged into a certain corner of rock/metal, the band formed in late 2011 with the objective to create punchy and unsettling instrumental music.

Since then, the group has been working hard on their craft through, writing, rehearsing, recording and performing, fusing their influences and experimenting with new ones. They released their self-titled debut EP in early March, recorded in their hometown of Kalamata and then mixed, mastered and produced by Kostas Ragiadakos and Minerva Superduty at Unreal Studios in Athens. If you’re into experimental, chaotic hardcore then check it out!